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NFL World Reacts To Disgusting Browns Crowd Video

General view of FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns.

CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 22: A general view from the upper deck of FirstEnergy Stadium prior to the National Football League game between the Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland Browns on September 22, 2019, at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, OH. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There have been some strange things happening recently at FirstEnergy Stadium, the home of the Cleveland Browns. 

First, a trespasser drove a car around the field last week. Now, during today's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, there was another unwanted visitor.

A rogue skunk made its way around the crowd at FirstEnergy on Sunday, drawing stares and causing cameras to roll. 

"A damn SKUNK in the stands at the Browns game and everyone is just standing there taking pictures and videos and not moving away," remarked CBS Sports' Will Brinson.

Given how badly things are going for the Browns today (they trail 17-10 late in the fourth) and this season (they came in with a 3-7 record), it's no surprise that the jokes about this are flying on social media.

"Imagine you suffer through this #Browns game… and then get sprayed by a skunk. Can’t think of much worse," said Cleveland fan Tony Waugh.

"I've no doubt the skunk has better defensive schemes than Joe Woods," another fan said in reference to the Browns' embattled defensive coordinator.

"Can the skunk coach?" a third fan asked.

All of these jokes are low-hanging fruit for sure, but Browns fans are used to this. 

They are a hardened bunch without question.