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Robert Griffin III Stands Up For His Girlfriend, Who Is Worried She'll Be Deported

Grete Sadeiko in an FSU track and field uniform.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III isn't letting his girlfriend Grete Sadeiko go anywhere.

With Donald Trump's victory on Tuesday night, there are many immigrants, whether it's realistic or not, concerned regarding their ability to remain in our country after he takes office. Cleveland Browns quarterback Robert Griffin's girlfriend Grete Sadeiko appears to be one of them.

Following Trump's win, Sadeiko, who is an Estonian heptathlete currently attending and competing for Florida State, joked on Twitter about how long she has until Trump sends her home. RG3 responded on Twitter, saying he won't let it happen.

It's part-cute, part-concerning, depending upon your point of view.

Sadeiko can obviously stay in the United States while she attends Florida State, and if she gets a job afterwards, she can live here on a work visa. Beyond that, she'd theoretically have to apply for citizenship if she wants to be safe from Trump's proposed policies forever. Or...marry Griffin. Griffin appears to be committed to figuring it out.