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Wife Of MLB Legend Shares Note From Alleged Deshaun Watson Victim

Deshaun Watson introduced as Browns quarterback.

BEREA, OHIO - MARCH 25: Quarterback Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns listens to questions during a press conference at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus on March 25, 2022 in Berea, Ohio. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)

Andrea Thome, the wife of Hall of Fame slugger Jim Thome, has already announced that she canceled the family's Cleveland Browns season tickets because the team acquired Deshaun Watson. On Monday, she had more to say about this situation.

Thome shared a screenshot of a note on social media that's apparently from one of Deshaun Watson's alleged victims of sexual assault.

"I am of one of the women assaulted by Deshaun Watson," the note stated. "I saw your tweet, and that you took a stand by giving up your season tickets. Anyone who says that you are virtue-signaling or that it 'doesn't matter' is wrong. It matters to me. Any tweet or comment I see that speaks against sexual violence against women is one more reason for me to keep going and not feel utterly hopeless. I have been at my lowest point the last couple of weeks, and I just wanted to say thank you."

Not only did Thome shared this note on Twitter, she posted some additional comments of her own on this matter.

"I wouldn’t wish the last 48 hours on anyone, but this letter is why it was worth it," Thome tweeted. "I stand by my decision and none of threats, name-calling, false-accusations or character assassination makes any difference. Other peoples opinion of me is none of my business"

Watson, meanwhile, has repeatedly denied all wrongdoing.

"I know these allegations are very, very serious, but I've never assaulted any woman," Watson said last Friday. "I've never disrespected any woman."