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Photo: Antonio Brown Shows Off Custom Cleats Honoring Jose Fernandez, Kimbo Slice

Antonio Brown is making a tradition of breaking out cool custom cleats, honoring fallen sports superstars.

Despite the NFL's protestations, Brown has already honored boxing legend Muhammad Ali and golf legend and Pittsburgh favorite son Arnold Palmer.

The Steelers head to Miami this weekend to face the Dolphins, and Brown is paying his respects to two late sports stars that were huge in the city: Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez who was tragically killed in a boating accident in September, and mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice who died of heart failure in June.

The question is: how long will Brown be allowed to wear these kicks. The NFL made him change his other custom cleats during the Steelers' other games. It doesn't sound like head coach Mike Tomlin really sees this as an issue however. He called the subject "irrelevant" when asked earlier this week. From ESPN:

"On game day, we’re trying to win games. At some point during the game, they had an issue with the shoes that he was wearing, that was relayed to us, I relayed that to him, he changed his shoes, we went about our day. I know some of it’s interesting commentary. You guys can have at it. But don’t expect us to participate or be enthusiastic participants in it. Because, really, it’s irrelevant. Guys change shoes in the midst of games all the time. They change gloves, they take gloves on, they take gloves off, they wear wristbands, they don’t wear wristbands; it was a non-issue for us. It was as minimal a thing as what I just described to you guys.”

Antonio Brown is one of the best players in the NFL, and likely the league's top weapon at wide receiver. As long as he's happy, we don't see much changing. Expect to see more cleat tributes as the year goes on.