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Steelers Playoff Picture: How Pittsburgh Can Make The Postseason

With the NFL playoffs just around the corner, we've compiled every possible scenario that would allow the Pittsburgh Steelers to slip in.

The Pittsburgh Steelers (9-5) are currently first in the AFC North, and have a match-up with the Baltimore Ravens this week. Next week, they face off against the Cleveland Browns. Let's take a look at the Steelers' playoff picture.

The Steelers are in the driver's seat to win the AFC North, and a win over the Ravens this week would clinch it for them, but a loss wouldn't be the end of the world. They still have several ways to punch their ticket. With that in mind, listed below are all of the possible scenarios that get the Steelers into the NFL playoffs.

They can win the AFC North...

  • By beating the Ravens in Week 16
  • By beating the Browns in Week 17, ONLY if the Ravens lose to the Bengals in Week 17

They can be a Wild Card team...

  • By beating the Browns in Week 17 AND having the Dolphins lose out
  • By beating the Browns in Week 17 AND having the Chiefs lose out.
  • By beating the Browns in Week 17 AND the having Dolphins go 1-1 the final two weeks of the season AND having the Chiefs lose out.

Obviously, the path of least resistance would be to take care of business on Christmas by defeating the Ravens—which they are favored to do. But in the event of a loss there are several favorable scenarios that could allow them to get in if they beat the Browns in Week 17. While it isn't likely that the Chiefs lose out (though it's certainly possible), the Dolphins have match-ups against the Bills in Week 16 and the Patriots in Week 17—neither of which they're favored in.

At the very least, it should be somewhat comforting for fans that the Steelers ultimately control their own fate.