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Report: Why The Steelers Had To Send Najee Harris Home

Najee Harris celebrates a touchdown against Ohio State.

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA - JANUARY 11: Najee Harris #22 of the Alabama Crimson Tide rushes for a one yard touchdown during the fourth quarter of the College Football Playoff National Championship game against the Ohio State Buckeyes at Hard Rock Stadium on January 11, 2021 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Earlier this offseason, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger told a story about how hard rookie running back Najee Harris is working.

Big Ben joked that Harris is such a hard worker that his position coach had to tell him to go home so the coach could leave. Well, it turns out he wasn't joking after all.

On Wednesday afternoon, running backs coach Eddie Faulkner said it's true, he did have to send Harris home. “It is true,” Faulkner said, via Steelers Depot. “Number one, and let me tell you why it’s true because I'm for all the hard work and the extra."

Here's more of what Faulkner had to say:

I’m all here for that. I love it. But he also has to learn, part of Najee and getting to know Najee in the draft processes, he also has to learn how to give himself breaks too. He works his butt off and sometimes it's a reward like, ‘Hey man, go home, relax, watch TV, do something different than the football.’

Faulker said the rookie running back is always engaged, but made sure to tell Harris that he has to "take a deep breath," as well.

Pittsburgh has a history of leaning heavily on one running back during a season. Le'Veon Bell consistently touched the ball over 300 times in a season.

Harris could be in line for the same workload.