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Ryan Shazier Announces He's Been Released From The Hospital

Ryan Shazier wearing a yellow Steelers hat.

Shazier took a positive step in his recovery.

Nearly two months ago Ryan Shazier suffered a serious spinal injury during a Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. In early January, Shazier's father updated his son's health, revealing that the Steelers linebacker regained feeling in his legs.

The former first round draft pick has been working towards his recovery for two months. He attended a Steelers game, and was even on the sideline during practice, albeit in a wheelchair.

All the while, Shazier has made it clear he intends to make it back to the field next season -- and not just on the sideline. Shazier wants to play.

On Thursday he took a major step in his recovery. The former Ohio State star shared several images on Instagram in which he's standing alongside quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and medical staff.

He also shared a message for everyone that has helped him in his recovery. Perhaps the most important note in his message is that, today, he'll be released from the hospital.

I’ve had a lot of 1st downs at UPMC, but you know being the defensive guy I am, my mind is on 3 and out. With that being said, I want everyone to know that I’m moving on to the next step of the process. Today’s a big day for me as I’m officially being released from the hospital.

Here's his full post.

It's great to see Shazier taking positive steps in his recovery.