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John Clayton Has Surprising Prediction For Deshaun Watson

NFL insider John Clayton.

John Clayton.

Where is Deshaun Watson going to end up?

Following the Los Angeles Rams' trade for Matthew Stafford on Saturday night, that's the question everyone wants to know the answer to.

Watson is the top quarterback on the trade market. If Stafford went for multiple first round picks and a third-round pick (and Jared Goff), what could Watson go for? Four or five first-round picks doesn't seem out of the question at this point.

Washington Post NFL insider John Clayton has made his prediction for Watson's NFL future. It's a pretty surprising prediction from the former ESPN insider.

Clayton believes that Watson will not be traded.

Prediction: I think Watson will stay with the Texans. Owner Cal McNair doesn’t want to trade him. He knows that it would turn off the fan base and that the Texans’ rebuilding effort would take even longer if Watson isn’t on the team. And he’s such a good quarterback that it’s difficult to find a deal that would return equal value.

The Texans would obviously prefer to keep Watson. ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported on Saturday that Houston is trying to convince Watson to stay.

"(The Texans) want to get a meeting with Deshaun Watson," Fowler said. "They're hoping that David Culley's vision and his calming presence could help matters. But I continue to hear that Watson's issues are at the top with ownership, so it might not matter very much. And both sides appear dug in. Now, the Texans left a little room in that press conference because their relationship has been fragile with Watson right now.

"But they have told teams unequivocally, 'No,' when they've told, 'We're not trading Watson.' But teams are going to continue calling, hoping that the Texans break and many people around the league believe that the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets are best equipped to getting Watson deals done because they both have top-three picks in this year's draft, multiple first-round picks and it's going to take at least three to get this guy."