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Michael Irvin Reacts To The Situation With The Houston Texans

Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson walking off the field after a game against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 23: Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans walks off the field after the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 23, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Texans 32-30. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

There are myriad issues facing the Houston Texans. Many of them are centered on Jack Easterby, the former New England Patriots team chaplain who currently serves as executive vice president of football operations for the franchise.

Easterby has sown significant distrust between the franchise and some of its best players, most notably quarterback Deshaun Watson. The franchise signal caller was given no input on the controversial trade of DeAndre Hopkins, one of the NFL's best wide receivers, conducted by Bill O'Brien last year. Easterby reportedly has the ear of team owner Cal McNair, and his influence has only grown after O'Brien was let go during the season.

The team went back to the New England Patriots well to hire general manager Nick Caserio, another move made without gauging Watson's opinion. They did reportedly call him before hiring Baltimore Ravens assistant David Culley as head coach, but it sounds like the damage is already done.

Watson wants a trade from Houston, something almost unthinkable for a quarterback of his caliber who may not even be in his prime yet. J.J. Watt may be right behind him. Watt is likely the best player in franchise history, on a short list with former Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson, who went scorched earth on Easterby and the organization on social media last month, when the Deshaun Watson trade rumors started to really blow up. He's not the only legendary wide receiver from a Texas franchise that is not happy with the situation either. Now, Dallas Cowboys great Michael Irvin is speaking up about where things stand.

Irvin appeared on Sports Radio 610 on Monday, and laid it all out: he doesn't think Watson plays for the Houston Texans again, he thinks the issues started with the Hopkins trade (which was made months before Watson agreed to a contract extension with the franchise, it should be noted), and he pins much of the blame on Easterby.

The Houston Texans insist that they won't trade Deshaun Watson. At the very least, the team will probably hold out for a massive haul, considering what Matthew Stafford just fetched. Still, it is hard to frame losing your recently re-signed, 25-year old superstar quarterback as a positive in any way.