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Jimmy Johnson Doesn't Think Texans Should Trade Deshaun Watson

Jimmy Johnson on FOX.

The Herd.

Just about everyone in the sports world assumes that Deshaun Watson will be traded this offseason. Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson, however, is strongly advising the Houston Texans to do whatever it takes to retain their star quarterback.

Watson's frustration with Houston's ownership has reached a point where it's tough to envision him suiting up for the franchise ever again. He has already requested a trade, but that doesn't mean he'll definitely be on the move.

Trading away a superstar quarterback like Watson would seriously hurt the Texans' future, regardless of all the draft picks they'd receive in return. Teams spend years trying to find an elite quarterback in the draft.

Johnson addressed that reality during an appearance on ESPN. After all, he knows a thing or two about blockbuster trades since he orchestrated the Herschel Walker trade.

Even though Johnson benefited from having an abundance of picks from the Walker trade, he doesn't see any reason why the Texans should ship out Watson.

“If I was David Culley I’d go knock on his door,” Johnson said, via ProFootballTalk. “I would talk to him and I’d do whatever it takes, I’d put my ego aside, I’d say, ‘The best thing for you is to stay right here.’ Do whatever it takes. Do not lose that player.”

Johnson is absolutely right when it comes to measuring Walker and Watson's value. It's much harder to replace a franchise quarterback than an elite tailback.

The Texans will most likely try to repair their relationship with Watson, but it might be too late.