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Video: Refs Make Disastrous Call In Ravens-Texans Game

Missed pass interference penalty in Ravens-Texans

The NFL implemented a new rule this year allowing coaches to challenge pass interference calls. But to say that the new rule has been even somewhat useful might be kind at this point.

Early in today's Ravens-Texans game, Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins ran towards the end zone with his eye on the ball floating in his direction as a Ravens defender covered him tightly.

The Ravens player pulled hard on Hopkins to prevent him from making a play on the ball and it went incomplete. No flag was thrown.

Houston then challenged the play and everyone could see that Hopkins was tugged on in the end zone. But there was still no flag.

The Texans ultimately got no points on the drive.

The rule to allow coaches to challenge PI calls was implemented following backlash to a highly-controversial non-PI call in last year's NFC Championship Game that earned national attention.

But it appears that not even giving officials an opportunity to review plays in question is resulting in the adjustments to plays that the game needs.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that this new rule will play a big role in determining the outcome of an important regular season or playoff game eventually.

We can't wait...