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Todd McShay Getting Criticized For His Deshaun Watson Comment

Todd McShay breaks down his first mock draft of 2019.


The New York Jets are widely considered the top potential destination for the Deshaun Watson for a wide variety of reasons. But don't tell ESPN NFL draft analyst Todd McShay that.

McShay has been making the rounds on social media for continuously asserting that the Jets shouldn't need to trade for Watson. He feels that Jets incumbent QB Sam Darnold grades pretty close to Watson.

McShay doesn't seem to think that Watson would be a huge upgrade over Watson. The most he was willing to say is that Watson "might be slightly better than Sam."

Unfortunately for McShay, many Jets fans and most NFL fans don't really care what McShay might feel about the potential Watson and Darnold have. What matters is the accomplishments on the field, and Watson has Darnold beat by leaps and bounds.

Needless to say, McShay is getting ripped pretty hard for this take on Twitter:

We can attribute whatever factors we want to Watson succeeding and Darnold struggling. But their records are their records.

Watson is 28-25 as a starter with three Pro Bowls, 104 touchdowns and 36 interceptions. He led the league in passing yards this past year.

Darnold is 13-25 as a starter with 45 touchdowns and 39 interceptions. He had more interceptions than touchdowns this past year.

There's no comparison between the two right now. Jets head coach Robert Saleh seems to believe he can bring out Darnold's full potential and turn him into a star.

But there's no debate that Watson is better by a wide margin right now. And McShay deserves to be criticized for suggesting otherwise.