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Video: Adam Vinatieri Sets World Record For Most Field Goals In A Minute

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri made 28 field goals in 60 seconds, breaking the world record for most field goals in a minute.

44-year old Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri set a new world record today, hitting 28 field goals in a minute. Not only did he break it, he smashed it— the previous record was 19.

With recently retired Colts punter Pat McAfee holding, Vinatieri was automatic from 20 yards out..

You can watch it below:

For breaking the record, Vinatieri received official recognition from Guinness Book of World Records, and NFL Extra Points donated $15,000 to the Pat Tillman Foundation.

Vinatieri's career field goal percentage is 84.3, and his career long is 57 yards. He holds the NFL record for 44 straight field goals made, and is a 4-time Super Bowl champion.