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Carson Wentz Confronts Pat McAfee About Criticism Before Colts Trade

Carson Wentz without his Philadelphia Eagles helmet on.

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 10: Quarterback Carson Wentz #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles walks off the field against the Los Angeles Rams during the second quarter at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on December 10, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. The Eagles defeated the Rams 43-35. (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Pat McAfee is one of the most popular voices in NFL media, and he doesn't make his love for his former team, the Indianapolis Colts, a secret. In December, when rumors that the team could make a deal for then-benched Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz were heating up, he wasn't having it.

"I'm not having. I don't like it. People are doing it on the internet. We don't need it. OK," McAfee said on an early December edition of his show, per The Indianapolis Star.

"It's like $25 million next year ... $30 million ... something like that. Nah. Nah. Nah. We don't need Carson Wentz out here. No. No... We don't need to be the team that coddles you and just puts you back together, okay. We got a team over here."

McAfee went so far as to say he'd rather have Wentz's former teammate Nick Foles, who, like Wentz, thrived under former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, now head coach of the Colts. Fast forward a few weeks, and Philip Riversretired from the Colts, as many expected, and the team was in the market for a quarterback. In mid-February, they pulled the trigger on a long-rumored Wentz trade.

Wentz heard what McAfee said back in December, and to the credit of everyone involved, they got on the mic and hashed it out. McAfee admitted that, doing a daily show, you can be a bit of a prisoner of the moment. Wentz, who has plenty to answer for with his dreadful play in 2020, also took things in stride.

When the host asked Wentz if he heard some of the comments from the media, Wentz had a pretty great answer. "Just from you," he said, smiling back at the former Colts punter. "You can be a hater. We can change your opinion."

Overall, it looks like Wentz won him over.

Carson Wentz had some serious pressure on him, taking over a playoff-ready team in the Indianapolis Colts. It does seem like most fans are ready to give him a fresh start.

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