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Colts Owner Sends Clear Message About Carson Wentz

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz on Sunday.

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - DECEMBER 06: Carson Wentz #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles exits the tunnel prior to their game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on December 06, 2020 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

The Indianapolis Colts have invested a lot into quarterback Carson Wentz, trading several draft picks and taking on his massive contract to pry him from the Philadelphia Eagles. And judging by what Colts owner Jim Irsay has said, the team has high expectations for the former Pro Bowler.

Appearing on The Ride with JMV, Irsay said that the team's success in 2021 and beyond will be dictated by how Wentz plays. He said that Wentz needs support from the team in order to make that a reality though.

“Let’s be honest about the situation, how well is Carson Wentz going to do, I think that is really going to dictate just how far we go,” Irsay said. “That’s just reality. I’m not saying that as a headline. Now, he needs support. He needs people around him. We saw the Super Bowl and Mahomes with no tackles. He looked pedestrian. That’ll happen because you need support."

Irsay further said that he trusts Colts head coach Frank Reich to get the most out of Wentz. He's looking forward to seeing just how good he can be in Reich's system.

"But, really, if Frank Reich can get Carson Wentz’s play to an extremely high level and we feel that he can, and Carson, unquestionably, has every single tool mentally, physically, emotionally to do that, then you’ve got something special. There’s no doubt about it," he added. "That’s what I know Colts fans will be looking to see, just how good can Carson Wentz get? That’s really the intriguing question that everyone has and only time will tell.”

The Colts traded a 2021 third-round pick and a 2022 conditional second-round pick to bring Wentz into the fold. But he's hardly coming off his best year.

In 2020, Wentz regressed in a major way, posting career lows in almost every per game category while leading the league in interceptions.

The Colts made the playoffs last year as Philip Rivers enjoyed a renaissance season before retiring. Perhaps Carson Wentz can have the same success.