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Report: Colts' David Parry Arrested After Allegedly Stealing A Golf Cart While Drunk

David Parry, a defensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts, was arrested on Saturday night after allegedly stealing and crashing a golf cart while drunk.

According to a report by The Indianapolis Star, Parry was given a ride by the victim in the "street legal transportation cart" early on Saturday morning in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona, when he attacked him and stole the cart.

When he got out of the cart to collect payment, the victim told police the third person, later identified as Parry, hit him on the head and left the scene in the cart.

Police were later called to a hit and run collision nearby, where responding officers found the golf cart crashed into a gate. Officers later found Parry on the sidewalk, apparently drunk, according to police.

He was arrested on suspicion of robbery, auto theft, criminal damage, resisting arrest and driving under the influence, according to police.

Parry was a fifth round pick out of Stanford by the Colts in the 2015 NFL Draft. In two years at the NFL level, he has recorded 78 tackles and four sacks.

TMZ reached out for more information, and boy, they got it.

Cops say he was so drunk, he was spewing nonsense including, "Arrest my cooperation" and "who did I have auto theft with?"

The incident quickly turned combative -- cops say Parry called them "f**king f**gots," and called out some of the officers as, "fat f**k" and "pu**yboy."

He also looked at all the responding officers and told each one individually, "You're a bitch."

One of the cops told Parry he was done talking with him, to which the NFL player responded, "That's what the f**k I thought, bitch -- you have nothing on me."

Parry reportedly told police that he drank "more than (he) should have." We'll update is more is released about his alleged tirade.

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