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NFL Analyst Names Team He 'Really Likes' For Julio Jones

A closeup of Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones with his helmet off.

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 16: Julio Jones #11 of the Atlanta Falcons warms up prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on September 16, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Julio Jonestrade rumors are heating up. In fact, it appears inevitable he's playing for a new team by the start of the 2021 season.

Jones told Shannon Sharpe during an on-air phone call earlier this week he's "outta there," of course referencing his desire to leave Atlanta. His words have spread like wildfire throughout the world of NFL trade rumors.

A few favorites have emerged to land Jones in a potential trade this off-season. The New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Chargers are expected to be in the mix. But one NFL analyst likes another team as a potential landing spot: the Indianapolis Colts.

NFL analyst Matt Miller thinks the Colts are a solid option to land Jones. By doing so, they'd give quarterback Carson Wentz an elite weapon to work with in the passing game.

Miller's right: if the Colts believe this is their year, they might as well sell the house to acquire Julio Jones.

Indianapolis also believes Carson Wentz is capable of having a big bounce-back year. After all, he was an MVP candidate just a few years back.

Going after Jones would also do wonders in boosting Wentz's confidence. It'd show him the Colts are committed to surrounding him with a contending roster - something the Philadelphia Eagles failed to do during his final few years there.

The Colts make plenty of sense for Jones, but the cost may be too great. We'll have to wait to find out.