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Pat McAfee, Former Colts Players Roast Ryan Grigson On Twitter

Colts punter Pat McAfee did not waste any time putting Ryan Grigson on blast, immediately going to Twitter to bash the former Colts GM.

The Indianapolis Colts fired general manager Ryan Grigson today, and at least one current Colts player was extremely happy about it. We know this because he logged right on to Twitter and told us immediately after the news was announced. Check it out:

Thanking God, eh? That's pretty happy! Let's continue:

Yikes. McAFee has never been one to mince words, so I'm not really surprised he went scorched Earth on him. Petty? Maybe, but he's had to play under the Grigson's ineptness for five years now. It's certainly understandable. However, one person in particular got riled up over McAfee's tweets, and decided to take the pettiness to another level.

Enter college basketball analyst and local Indianapolis radio host Dan Dakich, who is either a fan of Grigson, or just doesn't feel like McaFee is qualified to comment because he's a punter.

This isn't going to go well. Get him, Pat!

There it is. Let's see if Dakich has a response:

Okay, not sure what any of that means, but sure. But wait, that's not all! It appears other former players are now getting in on The Roast Of Ryan Grigson: Former Colts LB Jerrell Freeman: Former Colts TE Weslye Saunders:

Also, in a now deleted tweet, Saunders tweeted an email between him and Grigson, in which Grigson suggested Saunders would be "successful in the workforce outside of football" after cutting the tight end from the Colts.

Saunders captioned the tweet with "I have no doubt that Grigson can be "successful in the workforce outside of football. " Too soon?"

The e-mail attached to the deleted tweet:

Ryan Grigson writing.


Goodness gracious. It's probably a good thing Grigson doesn't have a Twitter account.