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Reporters Traveling With Mike Pence Were Told To Stay In Their Vans

The vice president's traveling pool was told to stay in their vans.

Was Mike Pence's exit from today's Colts-49ers game a planned one?

The vice president tweeted this afternoon that he left Lucas Oil Stadium after players from San Francisco kneeled during the national anthem.

Pence, an Indiana native, was in attendance with his wife.

Reporters traveling with the vice president were told to stay in the vans because "there may be an early departure from the game."

The 49ers have had roughly 30 players kneel for the national anthem last week, so Pence's team had to know that at least some players would likely kneel before today's game. And they did. San Francisco had roughly 15 players kneeling for the anthem today, leading to Pence's departure.

President Trump says he told Pence to leave if any players knelt.