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Leonard Fournette Says NFL Is 'Slower' Than He Thought

A former college star made a bold statement Thursday night.

Leonard Fournette made his NFL debut on Thursday night as the Jacksonville Jaguars took on the New England Patriots.

Fournette, a former LSU star, rushed nine times for 31 yards an a touchdown.

After the game, he made a series of bold statements about the speed of the NFL. He spoke to James Palmer of NFL Network.

“It’s a lot slower than I really thought. That’s how I’ve been since I first got into the NFL. A lot of people were like, ‘It’s going to be fast.’ But by me playing in the SEC that kind of helped me a lot. I think to me it was really easy.”

He's not the first former SEC player to say the transition from college to the NFL was easier than he thought. Earlier this week, two former Alabama players said the same thing.

Of course, Fournette's comments must be taken in stride. He's yet to play against an opposing team's first-team defense, so it might behoove the rookie to table these kinds of comments until he plays against the best.

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