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NFL Insider: Urban Meyer May Use Tim Tebow In Taysom Hill-Like QB Role, Not As Tight End

Tim Tebow wearing an orange beanie, a gold chain and a green vest in a commercial.

Tim Tebow may be on the Jacksonville Jaguars as a "tight end," but as many have suspected, that may not really do justice to what Urban Meyer has in mind for him. A new report by ESPN's Dianna Russini compares Tebow's spot with the Jaguars to the one that Taysom Hill has occupied with the New Orleans Saints.

Hill, a former quarterback at BYU, has played that position in spots with the Saints. He's competing with Jameis Winston for the starting quarterback job this offseason, after the retirement of Drew Brees. When not under center, he plays a hybrid tight end/H-back role, giving the defense plenty to worry about when the ball is in his hands.

Tebow has never had to block defensive ends or run crisp NFL-level routes. He may have decent hands, but it hasn't been the focus of his career. It definitely makes sense for him to be in a Hill-type role, vs. being a classic tight end.

"They think that Urban Meyer purposely brought Tebow in, 1.) to set the culture, the competitiveness—we know he's a new NFL head coach here—trying to set the tone for the culture," Russini said. "But the bigger story, I think, that is the most interesting part of this, is that there are those in the league that Urban Meyer brought Tebow in to play quarterback, that Taysom Hill role, using him in that Wildcat that we've seen Urban Meyer use in the past. Take a look at all those different offenses, it actually makes a lot of sense. So he may be on the roster as a tight end, but there may be more to this Tebow experiment than him just playing that position."

"In terms of comparing the two, we always talk about on this show how much Sean Payton loves Taysom Hill," she continued, via 247. "It’s been very obvious over the years. That same kind of love is what Tim Tebow and Urban Meyer have between each other. It could be a very similar situation, but in terms of football, this is something we could be seeing.”

While a Taysom Hill-type role may make more sense for Tebow, some have already started to argue that it is not the direction that the Jacksonville Jaguars need to head in. The team used the No. 1 pick on a generational quarterback talent in Trevor Lawrence. If Tebow is going to come in every few series and take snaps away from the developing former Clemson star, that seems like a major gaffe by Meyer.

Time will tell what the experiment will look like, and whether Tim Tebow will make the roster at all. It is hard to fathom given how his first go-around in the NFL ended, but if anyone is going to carve something out for him, it is Urban Meyer.