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Q&A With Trevor Lawrence: Gx Fuel Tomorrow Collection, Year 2 With Jaguars, Thoughts On Doug Pederson

Trevor Lawrence throws a pass during a Jaguars game.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 26: Trevor Lawrence #16 of the Jacksonville Jaguars attempts a pass during the second quarter in the game against the Arizona Cardinals at TIAA Bank Field on September 26, 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

It’s shaping up to be a nice Year 2 for Trevor Lawrence in the NFL - both on and off the field.

Despite some rookie growing pains, Lawerence’s future as the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars remains bright. Hiring an experienced head coach in Doug Pederson and signing an explosive wideout in Christian Kirk should only help the former No. 1 pick develop the right way.

As for his work away from the gridiron, Lawrence just finished up his first collaboration with Gatorade. They joined forces to launch the Gx Fuel Tomorrow Collection.

The GX Fuel Tomorrow Collection is built around Paige Bueckers, Trevor Lawrence, Sydney McLaughlin and Fernando Tatis. All these athletes are under 24 years old and considered the "next generation" of talent in their respective sport. 

"To see my story brought to life on my first-ever Gatorade Gx bottle is such a special milestone for me," Lawrence said in a statement. "As a kid, I knew I always wanted to go pro and I hope my journey inspires the next generation to keep dreaming because you’re not that far away from making it a reality."

We caught up with Trevor Lawrence to discuss his collaboration with Gatorade, expectations for his second season in Jacksonville and more.

The Spun: Can you tell us about your latest work with Gatorade?

Trevor Lawrence: So, I actually have it with me here. We created a bottle - Gatorade and I. They helped design this, obviously. It has a Jaguar, tiger stripe, a bunch of different things that are personal to me. I think the coolest thing is you see a road along the whole bottle. It reminds me of when I was a kid driving to practice with my dad every day. That’s something sentimental that I can look back on. The company brought that to life for me, and that’s just awesome.

The Spun: Why was the process like when it came to creating your bottle?

TL: It was great. They made it super easy. I told them things I liked - different colors and designs. There were some phases of them doing a mock version and then making adjustments after I looked at it. I’d let them know what I did and didn’t like. They did an awesome job of adding personal meaning to the bottle. But overall, it was really fun and they made it super easy for me.

The Spun: Do you feel like there are more projects in store for you with Gatorade?

TL: Definitely. When you’re with a brand like Gatorade that has such a vast impact on communities and sports, the possibilities are endless. Being with them for a little over a year now, I’m building those relationships. It’s fun to see everyone at different events or whatever it is. It’s nice to see familiar faces. It makes it even better when you enjoy the people you work with.

The Spun: What’s the biggest improvement you personally need to make this year in order to make a sophomore leap with the Jaguars?

TL: I’m a little bit different. I don’t necessarily set numbered goals for my season because I think that comes with winning and performing well. I think about improving, like you said, in a way where you’re climbing up the ladder. I want to get better in every aspect of my life each day. I want to get better every practice, every game, every week. I think making those improvements will be big for me going into my second year.

The Spun: Are you putting a bigger emphasis on being a leader heading into Year 2?

TL: I think that’s always an emphasis. The more comfortable you get and the longer you’ve been somewhere, you shoulder that leadership responsibility even more. Being the quarterback of the team, you’re naturally going to be the leader. I want to be that guy who does things the right way, leads by example, and has that voice in the locker room. That’s something we’re definitely building. I’m pleased with the progress the team and I have made. A lot of the guys that were already on the team, and some of the guys we’ve added this offseason, have been great voices in the locker room. It always takes more than just one guy. I think we’re starting to build that unison in the locker room where everyone is on the same page.

The Spun: The Jaguars spent a lot to get Christian Kirk this offseason. What has your connection with him been like?

TL: He’s been great. The way he carries himself is the most impressive [part about him]. He’s a pro, he takes care of his business. You never have to worry about him being ready and taking care of his body. He does a great job of balancing it all. Just playing with him is really cool. His football IQ is really high. He has been playing for a few years now, so he has that experience. We’re building our chemistry and getting on the same page. We made some big steps this spring in OTAs. I’m really happy with where I’m at with all the guys. Christian has been really good, and we’ve become close friends so that’s fun too.

The Spun: What has been the biggest difference between Urban Meyer and Doug Pederson?

TL: Every coach is very different. I’d say some things I like about Coach Pederson. The way he carries himself - we’re similar in our personalities and the way we interact with people. Knowing he played quarterback is good for me. He has been in my shoes and understands the challenges that come with it. Obviously, you can have success without that, but I think it definitely helps. Having that background and seeing the way he leads the team. He has a steady voice. He never gets too high or too low. I think you can go a long way with a guy like that.

The Spun: You ended the 2021 regular season on a high note. Does that positive momentum carry over, or do you turn the page completely?

TL: I think it’s a mixture of both. You want to use any positive or negative to help you. We ended the season on a positive note. It wasn’t a great year, but to play that well in the last game against a team that needed to win to make the playoffs is something we could build on. So I think we can use that but we also need to understand we have to start from scratch.

The Spun: What would be your advice to Arch Manning?

TL: I’m sure he has a lot of good people in his corner that can help him, but I’d say it’s really important to learn how to manage expectations. It’s important to block out all the noise. The only voices you should listen to are your internal expectations of yourself, your teammates, your coaches and family. You should try to block everything else out. There’s going to be a lot on his plate, but you have to show up ready to learn and grow. You’re not going to be perfect from Day 1, but he is really talented and has a lot of abilities. He needs to carry that confidence over while knowing you do have to start over. You have to do that at every level. It’s something I’m going through right now in the NFL. So you need to realize you’re there for a reason, but you have to earn that respect from your teammates. He seems like a quarterback who’ll do great.

Lawrence knows all about handling lofty expectations. He was a five-star recruit coming out of high school and considered an elite quarterback prospect when he left Clemson. 

Although there'll be a lot of pressure on Lawrence to perform at a high level this upcoming season, he sounds more than ready for the challenge. 

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