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Video: Dirty Block Leads To Fight In Titans-Broncos Game

A fight between the Broncos and the Titans after a block.


Harry Douglas took an awful cheap shot on cornerback Chris Harris, leading to a Broncos-Titans fight.

During today's game in Tennessee, Douglas went right at the knees of Denver star cornerback Chris Harris, a play which is almost universally been derided as a blatant, dirty cheap hit.

That play knocked Harris out of the game, and sent teammate and fellow former Kansas standout Aqib Talib into a rage. He went after Douglas soon after, starting a fight on the field between the two teams.

Honestly, it is hard to blame Talib for coming to his teammate's defense there, because that Douglas hit is as dirty as it gets.

The Titans lead the Broncos 13-0 at the half. Both teams could really use this one, as they are embroiled in very tight division races, especially the Broncos who have to contend with the Raiders and Chiefs, two of the AFC's best teams.