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Emmanuel Sanders' Tweet About Tim Tebow's Virginity Is Going Viral

He wants to know if Tebow has hit a home run off the field as well.

Throughout his career in football, Tim Tebow was upfront about his sexual history.

A devout Christian, Tebow always maintained he was remaining chaste until marriage. Some people mocked him for this stance, while others cheered him for it.

Now, Tebow is pursuing a career in minor league baseball, and at least one current NFL player is wondering if he's caved on his abstinence pledge.

Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders tweeted last night that he and his friends were debating whether or not Tebow was still a virgin.

First of all, the fact Sanders tagged Tebow in this is pretty amusing.

Secondly, if Tebow made it through four years of college at Florida, where he won a pair of national titles and the Heisman Trophy, and didn't have sex, we're pretty confident he could survive minor league life on the road.