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Tim Tebow Said Concussions Were A Factor In Him Giving Up Football

Tim Tebow working out.


Health may have played a role in Tim Tebow's decision to stop playing football, according to a new interview with the former quarterback.

Before Tim Tebow began pursuing a Major League Baseball career, he had a number of opportunities to continue his gridiron career. He could have gone and played quarterback in Canada or converted to a new position in the NFL (likely tight end, h-back or fullback).

He turned down those overtures, and concussions were part of the reason why, he told the Washington Post.

“I would say, was it a big reason? No,” Tebow said. “Was it a factor? Absolutely. Especially for all the opportunities that I had to play different positions – which I was honored to have – and I didn’t choose those primarily because of injuries or concussions. I chose that because I love playing the quarterback position. And obviously, you could see that when I played, I wasn’t necessarily the most-worried about injuries the way I played, always going head-first. I think there’s definitely a piece that, this is for real. Concussions are real. One day, do I want to have grandkids and be able to hang with them and go play ball and play catch with them? Absolutely. So is that something that’s in the back of your mind? Yeah.”

Tebow suffered at least one documented concussion, against Kentucky during his senior year. You can watch the replay of the hit below.

Perhaps if some of the offers Tebow was fielding came from NFL teams looking for him to play quarterback, he would have rethought he decision to quit football. His risk of a concussion would seem to be higher if he played tight end or h-back.

Either way, Tebow is now onto the next step of his life. He signed a minor-league contract with the New York Mets and will head to instructional league in a few days.