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Broncos LB Von Miller Visits A Fan With Muscular Dystrophy

Von Miller, star NFL LB, granted a wish to a Texas A&M fan who was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy as a child.

Before the Broncos took on the Buccaneers last Sunday, Kyle Cox, a diehard Texas A&M fan, got to meet one of his heroes, Von Miller.

Cox was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy as a child and was told he wouldn't live past 20 years old. He just turned 20.

According to, Cox's mother said she won a Super Bowl 50 football at a gala in College Station, Texas. It was at the point she decided to reach out to anyone who may have been able to get in contact with Miller so he could sign the football.

Miller took it a step further and flew Cox and his mother out to Tampa Bay, Fla. and met with them before the game.

Miller told “It’s life changing for us both. He’s defied the odds in so many ways, and it’s inspiring to me and my teammates, and want to do the same in my life.”

Kudos to Von Miller, a class act on and off the field.