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Watch: Al Michaels Apologizes On-Air For Earlier Harvey Weinstein Joke

Al Michaels during a Sunday Night Football broadcast.

He took heat for his earlier comment.

During tonight's Sunday Night Football broadcast, NBC play-by-play announcer attempted to make light of the New York Giants' recent struggles by saying the team had a "worse week than Harvey Weinstein."

Considering Weinstein has spent the month of October being accused of sexual assault, sexual harassment, rape and other indignities by dozens of actresses, this joke predictably fell flat.

It was only a matter of time until Michaels apologized, and he did so on the air after coming back from a commercial break.

Michaels' apology had shades of Brent Musburger's Joe Mixon mea culpa during the Sugar Bowl in January.

We will have to see if he faces any further discipline, though we'd guess he won't be taken off the air at all.