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Budweiser Reacts To NFL Fining Chiefs OL Eric Fisher

Kansas City Chiefs star Eric Fisher celebrates with fans' beers.


Eric Fisher's "Stone Cold" Steve Austin-style celebration in last week's win over the Houston Texans earned him a lot of fans. But it also earned him a hefty $14,037 fine from the NFL in the process.

However, it looks like Fisher won't be divorced from that money for long.

Budweiser, whose beer Fisher drank when celebrating, took to Twitter last night to reward Fisher for using their brew in his celebration. They posted an image of a check for $14,037 dedicated to any charity of Fisher's choice.

Budweiser's actions have gained them a ton of respect and support on social media.

Meanwhile, many others have continued to criticize the NFL for fining Fisher in the first place.

But all of this controversy could actually lead the Chiefs to duplicate it in a similar situation today. The Chiefs are favored by more than a touchdown over the Tennessee Titans in today's AFC Championship Game.

Should Fisher be in position to repeat his celebration after a Chiefs touchdown, don't be surprised if the beer starts spilling.

Will Fisher or the Chiefs do that celebration again today?

The AFC Championship Game will be played at 3:05 p.m. EST and will air on CBS.