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LeSean McCoy Makes His Opinion On Eric Bieniemy Very Clear

LeSean McCoy sits at the mic during Super Bowl week.

AVENTURA, FLORIDA - JANUARY 29: LeSean McCoy #25 of the Kansas City Chiefs speaks to the media during the Kansas City Chiefs media availability prior to Super Bowl LIV at the JW Marriott Turnberry on January 29, 2020 in Aventura, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Several players have voiced their support for Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy over the past few years. LeSean McCoy, however, isn't one of them. 

While on Mad Dog Sports Radio's I AM ATHLETE TONIGHT, McCoy went off on Bieniemy. 

"There's a reason why every year they hype him up to get a job and then when the time comes nobody hires him because they know the type of coach he really is," McCoy said.

McCoy then hinted that Bieniemy was the reason why he stopped playing football in Kansas City. 

McCoy made it sound like he wasn't pleased with the way Bieniemy spoke to him during his time on the Chiefs.

"Listen, because some players, he talks a certain way and some players will take it. I wouldn’t take it,” McCoy said. “Some of the questions I would ask, everybody is accountable. That’s why [he’s not getting a head coaching job]. It’s not because he is a black coach. That’s not the reason — the reason is — I won’t get into that." 

Bieniemy has been with the Chiefs since 2013. He has interviewed with a few teams for a head coaching gig, but he has not yet received his big break.