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Patrick Mahomes Wants To See 1 Change In The NFL

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes on Sunday.

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - DECEMBER 27: Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs looks to pass against the Atlanta Falcons during the third quarter at Arrowhead Stadium on December 27, 2020 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has arguably reinvented the way NFL teams approach the game. As a result, his words hold a lot more weight than those of most players.

Though he's doing just fine for himself under the current rules, Mahomes proposed an interesting change for the NFL during an appearance on the 'WHOOP' podcast. The former MVP is suggesting the NFL places a microchip in their footballs so they can determine whether or not the ball crossed the goal line.

"I’ve always thought the chip in the ball has to happen sometime, where if you cross the line, it just tells you a touchdown,” Mahomes said, via The Kansas City Star.

Mahomes acknowledged that human error is normal when the refs have to make a call on a bang-bang play at the goal line.

"But it also the human error thing, it’s kind of like baseball, balls and strikes, it’s just part of the game. The biggest thing to me is when they get in the pile by the end zone, there is literally no way to tell if he’s in the end zone or not. It’s like you said, it’s just whatever they call. ... I’m sure it’ll happen soon enough.”

The NFL has added pylon cameras over the past few years to get a better look at the goal line. While it has certainly helped, there are still some controversial calls being made near the end zone.

Do you like Patrick Mahomes' latest suggestion for the NFL?