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Travis Kelce Reacts To George Kittle Saying He's Underpaid

Travis Kelce reacts on the field.

Last week, 49ers tight end George Kittle said Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is so underpaid it "boggles his mind." 

“I mean Travis Kelce, six seasons in a row, 1000 yards,” Kittle said, via ProFootballTalk. “I’m pretty sure he has the most receiving yards over any wide receiver, skill position in the last six years. He gets paid half of what a wide receiver makes, which just boggles my mind. I mean, to me, Travis Kelce, he’s been doing it for so long and at such a high level. And he doesn’t have an off game. I think he has one bad game a year, and it’s just because he’s getting triple-teamed.

Kelce is under contract through the 2025 season. His base salary for this year is currently set at $6.5 million. 

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Kelce responded to Kittle's comments about him being underpaid. He appreciates Kittle's support, but his focus right now isn't on earning the most money. 

“I appreciate Kittle saying that,” Kelce said. “That’s my guy and he always wants to see every tight end get paid as much as their production is. But at the same time, I signed my contract understanding what I had. I put a lot into this, man. Money, in my mind, is almost secondary at this point in my career. I’m here for the legacy and I’m here to try and make the Kansas City Chiefs the best team possible. So that’s my main focus. That’s why I’m here.”  

Kelce is well on his way to cementing his status as one of the best tight ends of all time. 

Since entering the league in 2013, Kelce has 704 catches for 9,006 yards and 57 touchdowns. He has earned All-Pro honors three times and has a Super Bowl ring. 

As for the Chiefs, they've been a perennial playoff contender in large part because of Kelce's weekly contributions.