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Video: Epic National Anthem Before AFC Championship Game

National anthem before Chiefs vs. Titans

The national anthem is an often overlooked element element of any sports game, but there are times when it is performed so incredibly well that it's on everyone's mind. That's exactly what we got today prior to the start of the AFC Championship Game.

Performing the national anthem in the pregame was retired Navy petty officer Generald Wilson. While he may not have the starpower of such legendary anthem performers as Whitney Houston or Gladys Knight, Wilson's rendition was about as moving as powerful as any of his predecessors.

He hit the high note on "was still there" with such power that all of Arrowhead Stadium started cheering.

When he was done, a stealth fighter performed a flyover above the stadium.

Wilson himself took to Twitter before his performance to express how excited he was. Apparently, he didn't even eat before stepping onto the field.

People immediately took to Twitter to proclaim what an incredible moment it was:

The NFL has already booked Demi Lovato to perform the national anthem at Super Bowl LIV. But if she has to cancel at the last minute, we've got our vote for her replacement.

The AFC Championship Game is being played on CBS.