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Watch: Derek Carr Pass To Amari Cooper May Have Hit SpiderCam Wire, Costing Raiders Touchdown

Amari Cooper can't catch the ball because it hit a camera.


Midway through the fourth quarter, Derek Carr missed a wide open Amari Cooper on what could have been a game-tying touchdown. Did the pass actually hit the stadium SpiderCam wire?

The Chiefs beat the Raiders 21-13 on Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium, tying up the race for the AFC West, likely the NFL's top division this year. At the 9:26 mark of the fourth quarter, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr deftly avoided the pass rush, stepped up into the pocket, and delivered a deep ball to a wide open Amari Cooper, who would have likely scored a touchdown, giving the Raiders a chance to tie the game.

Instead, Cooper bizarrely loses the ball in the air, which falls incomplete a few feet away.

Was it an errant throw by Carr, who is playing with a finger injury? Perhaps, but some are convinced that the ball actually hit wire from NBC's SpiderCam.

Here's Cooper's recounting of the play, via ESPN:

Cooper said the ball moved on him at the last second and several fans have said that replays show the ball hitting NBC’s camera wire that goes over the field.

“That’s why it looked like I might have stumbled,” said Cooper, who had five catches for 29 yards. “I was running in the right direction and it kind of moved inside at the last minute and I didn’t have time to get it.”

It is impossible to tell from that video, but Business Insider has some slow motion clips that show the ball spinning helicopter-style as it comes down, indicating that it hit something while in flight.

Sports Video Group reached out to NBC Sports for comment. Spokesman Dan Masonson:

“The overhead camera is positioned behind the line of scrimmage, so the cables would not be in play.”

We'd bet that won't be enough to convince every Raiders fan, however.