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Chargers Rookie Joey Bosa Is Already Really Sick And Tired Of Losing

Chargers rookie Joey Bosa isn't used to losing, and the Chargers are doing a lot of that at 5-10 on the season.

Rookie Joey Bosa and the Chargers take on the Chiefs this Sunday, in what will probably amount to loss No. 11 of the season. Losing—it's a feeling unfamiliar to Bosa, who played at Ohio State for three years under Urban Meyer and lost only three games during that time.

After a 20-17 loss to the previously winless Cleveland Browns, Bosa skipped out on talking to the media. He addressed it on Tuesday, admitting the loss hit him extra hard.

Per The San Diego Union-Tribune:

“Losing’s getting pretty old pretty fast,” he said Tuesday afternoon. “I was just a little overly upset in the locker room.”

He spoke in his laid-back, surfer-like tone, and mixed in smiles and chuckles. “I won’t throw a tantrum like that again,” he said, sounding almost crestfallen.


“It also has to do with seeing our defense and the effort we give, and how hard we played that second half,” he said. “Coming up short just hurts.”

It's not my place to psychoanalyze players, but for a player who has known success all of his life, Bosa's rookie season has probably been a stark reality check that winning in the NFL isn't going to be quite as easy as it was in college.

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