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Analyst Names The NFL's "Worst" Open Job

An interior view of the Tampa bay Buccaneers stadium.

Raymond James Stadium scoreboard and pirate ship as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers host the Baltimore Ravens September 10, 2006 in Tampa. The Ravens defeated the Bucs 27 - 0. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Currently, there are eight NFL teams with job openings for 2019. That's a lot of turnover, even by the league's standards.

Of course, not every job is as attractive as the next. On paper, the Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns and New York Jets seem to have the most enticing situations for a first-year head coach.

The Packers still have Aaron Rodgers and some impressive offensive weapons. The Browns have Baker Mayfield, Myles Garrett and lots of cap space, and the Jets have Sam Darnold and their own money to spend.

On the flipside, which team is the worst opening? To Bleacher Report's Matt Miller, it is Tampa Bay.

Miller hasn't given his reasoning for putting the Bucs in last, but we can make an argument ourselves. Tampa Bay hasn't made the playoffs since 2007 and the organizational dysfunction is well-documented.

Additionally, the team doesn't have much cap space for 2019 (as of now), and is committed to bringing back the talented but inconsistent Jameis Winston to be the starting quarterback in 2019.

All of those factors don't exactly inspire confidence in any prospective coach.