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NFL WR Andrew Hawkins Receives Master's Degree From Columbia With 4.0 GPA

Andrew Hawkins pulled off something perhaps even more impressive than cracking the NFL as a wide receiver this spring: he earned his master's from an Ivy League school with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Hawkins, who was undrafted out of Toledo but has caught on with the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns over the last six seasons, earned his degree in sports management from the prestigious Manhattan university. He showed off the impressive GPA, which is the same as his shuttle time, on his graduation cap.

The New York Daily News detailed the crazy process Hawkins went through over the last three springs to earn this degree.

But that degree, which he started working on in the spring of 2015, only came after a long slog of air miles were traveled. Every Monday this spring, Hawkins would leave his wife and three young children and hop on a flight from Los Angeles to New York at 6 a.m. He would go to Columbia, load up on a week’s worth of classes and then turn around and get on the 11 p.m. flight back to LA for his week of training, parenting and homework.

Hawkins, currently a free agent, plans to make good use of this master's. Once his playing career is up, his goal is to become an NFL general manager.

“I want to be a general manager,” Hawkins said on Columbia’s campus Monday. “I didn’t necessarily go to Columbia to be a general manager — I think it helps that, and I think it helps in the attractiveness of me going to the front office, but I think I could have done that without going to Columbia — if anything I came here to learn the other sides of the business.”

I look forward to seeing what Hawkins, one of the more interesting figures in the NFL, does next, although he hopes to prove that his playing career is not over just let.

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