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NFL Forced Antonio Brown To Remove These Muhammad Ali Tribute Cleats

NFL officials made Antonio Brown remove his cleats, which honored Muhammed Ali, after just two possessions.

The NFL usually stands for National Football League. But every now and then, the NFL makes a less than popular decision, and gains a different moniker, the No Fun League.

Once again, NFL officials told Antonio Brown he must change his cleats, due to NFL regulations. And once again the NFL earned its "No Fun League" nickname. Brown was attempting to honor the late Muhammed Ali, who passed away earlier this year.

In addition to having Muhammed Ali's face on the cleats, Brown had perhaps Ali's most famous quote. "Float like a butterfly" was monogrammed on one cleat, while the other read, "sting like a bee."

It just so happens that the Pittsburgh Steelers are wearing their "bumblebee" throw back jerseys in Sunday's game against the New York Jets.

Pittsburgh owns a 17-13 lead over the Jets midway through the third quarter.