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Audio Of 911 Call Involving Uber Driver, Michael Oher Released

The audio of a 911 call against Michael Oher has been released.

Michael Oher was released by the Carolina Panthers last week, but that's just the start of his worries.

In April, Oher was reportedly involed in an incident where he allegedly bit an Uber driver's back. According to the driver, Girma Berkess, Oher was drunk at the time.

Berkess called 911 during the alleged altercation, and now audio from that call has been made available to the public.

Here's the 55-second audio call from Berkess.

In the audio, a clearly distressed Berkess claims Oher bit him on the back.

However, in the wake of the audio's release, Oher claims the allegations are false.

Oher, whom the movie The Blind Side was based on, is set to see his misdemeanor assault case heard before a judge on Oct 31. The former first-round pick was released by the Carolina Panthers last week as he struggles to recover from concussion issues.