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Bill Maher Criticizes Washington: NFL World Reacts

Longtime show host Bill Maher speaks out on what's happened in the NFL.

The Washington Commanders' decision to fine coach Jack Del Rio has sparked a reaction from prominent television personality Bill Maher.

The popular political pundit and late night show host spoke out on the decision to fine Del Rio $100,000 for his comments on the Jan. 6 insurrection. 

"They fined him, the team fined him, $100,000 for this opinion. Fining people for an opinion. I am not down with that," Maher declared. 

"I would like to, if I could talk to Mr. Del Rio, I think I could probably hopefully convince him a little bit that it was more than a dust-up. He also compares it a lot to the 2020 protests that were going on after the George Floyd murder. Okay," he added.

"I think I could also convince him there are really important differences between those two things. And actually, the attack on the Capitol was worse. Nevertheless, he has a right to be wrong. In America, you have the right to be wrong."

Of course, free speech doesn't mean you can say whatever you want without repercussion from your employer.

Still, many are agreeing with Bill.

"Good for Bill. It’s called freedom of speech," one fan added.

"While there are some exceptions not relevant here, non-governmental employers can fine, fire or demote employees if the say or do something the employer finds offensive or harmful to its brand. The first amendment (free speech) applies to the government, NOT private employers," another fan pointed out.

"Tend to agree with Maher.. Just shame the bejeezus out of him . Never mention his name without a reminder of his dismissal of 1/6. He can live in infamy… But, don’t penalize this time. If he keeps it up… well, he needs a job out of the limelight.. up to owners," one fan suggested.

Where do you stand?