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Bills Fans Don't Seem To Like Colin Kaepernick Very Much

Colin Kaepernick is starting for the 49ers as they take on the Bills, and some Bills fans took the opportunity to express their disdain for the quarterback.

Bills fans, who are known for being among the most reckless fans in all of sports, held nothing back today when faced with the opportunity to rip on Colin Kaepernick, who was named the starter this week.

Take it away, Bills fans:

Not quite sure what point the fan is trying to make by misspelling Kaepernick's name, but I'm sure there's a point in there somewhere. Last, but certainly not least, is a fan tackling a dummy dressed up as Kaepernick:

The obvious irony here is that at some point, one of those fans so enraged by Kaepernick's protest, actually spent money on his jersey.

Kaepernick, who was booed as he kneeled during the national anthem, is currently 8-0f-11 with 135 yards through the air and a touchdown pass.