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Booger McFarland's Controversial Zach Wilson Opinion Is Going Viral

booger mcfarland talks about Alabama football on ESPN.

New York Jets starting quarterback Zach Wilson has come under a lot of scrutiny on Monday and deservedly so.

Wilson and the Jets lost to the Patriots, 10-3, on Sunday. The Jets starting quarterback did basically nothing on offense. Following the game, he was asked by reporters if he felt like he and the offense let the defense down.

"No," he replied.

Wilson has been criticized for failing to take accountability. Monday night, Booger McFarland had a controversial take.

McFarland said it's not surprising that Wilson failed to take accountability, considering he grew up in a well-off family.

The ESPN analyst said that Wilson "grew up with a lot of money" and "hasn't had to accept accountability."

McFarland's take on Wilson has already gone viral on social media, with many in the football world commenting on what was said.

Clearly, this is a debate topic that won't be going away anytime soon.