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Brett Favre's Daughter Goes Viral On Show: Fans React

A solo shot of Brett Favre during a Green Bay Packers game.

On Monday night's episode of Claim to Fame, a woman named Brittany revealed her identity. It turns out she's the daughter of NFL legend Brett Favre. 

Brittany provided a hint regarding her identity during last week's show. She said her father was a Hall of Fame quarterback and Super Bowl champion. 

While the national audience now knows that Brittany is the daughter of Brett Favre, her competitors on Claim to Fame still don't know that fact.

Some fans actually knew from the jump who Brittany was. 

"Me pretending i didn’t know exactly who Brittany Favre was the moment I saw her bc her dad is my dads favorite football player of all time and he made me learn Brett Favre’s entire life story and he used to read me his book when I was younger," one fan tweeted. 

"How did I accidentally become obsessed with #ClaimToFame? I genuinely don’t know but I’m team Brittany Favre so hard," another person wrote.

NFL fans would be happy to know that Brittany inherited her father's competitive spirit. 

"My dad and I are really close. I did inherit his competitive nature. At my house, winning is the only option," Brittany said, via the Green Bay Press Gazette. "I was born before he became successful so I got to witness the entire rise from an unknown to known. Don't let my kindness fool you. I used to be an attorney and know how to win. I am so competitive that I hurt feelings."

Claim to Fame airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.