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Browns Interested In Trading Pro-Bowl LT Joe Thomas

The Cleveland Browns may be interested in trading left tackle Joe Thomas, if the right opportunity presents itself.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Focus says he's been told the Browns are interested in trading Joe Thomas if they can get a second-round pick in return. The nine-time Pro Bowl left tackle was rumored to be shopped last year, but nothing ended up happening. It looks as though the Browns are going for round two, no pun intended.

Thomas has been one of the best players in the NFL throughout his career. The Browns will look to sell high on the 10th year pro, who could help sure up many offensive lines throughout the NFL. The Indianapolis Colts come to mind, as they have done a terrible job of protecting Andrew Luck so far this season.

If they do ship Thomas, the Browns should thank him for being one of their best players in a series of losing seasons.