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Browns vs. Bills Prediction, Preview, Spread, Channel

Looking for a Browns vs. Bills prediction and preview? Stick around. We’ve got all of the pre-game analysis before the match-up.

Sunday, December 18, the Cleveland Browns (0-13) take on the Buffalo Bills (6-7). The game will be played at New Era Field in Buffalo, NY. Read on for our Browns vs. Bills prediction and preview.

According to ESPN’s matchup predictor, which is based on its FPI rating, Buffalo wins the match-up between the two teams 88.7 percent of the time. The spread also suggests that the Bills are favored to win the contest.

Spread: Bills -10

Game Time: 1:00 p.m. E.T.

Channel: CBS

Browns vs. Bills preview:

Oh the Browns. They're not going to win a single game this year, are they? They had a shot last week against the Bengals, but they lost by 13. With match-ups against the Chargers and the Steelers to round out the season, this team is staring down the barrel of a historic 0-16 season. At least they won't be the first to do it. Silver linings, people!

The Bills are basically out of the playoff picture at this point, barring some kind of miracle, but this game might as well be a playoff contest. No one wants to be the team to give the Browns their first win of the 2016 season. That kind of mark stays with you forever, and it's the mark no team in the NFL wants. Can you imagine the tirade Rex Ryan will go on if they lose? Not saying it's likely or anything, but Rex Ryan has a history of humiliating himself. Sunday we might get to see it once more.

Browns vs. Bills prediction:

The Bills won't let it happen to them. Despite the fact that watching Rex Ryan's team lose to the Browns would be hilarious poetic justice, it just doesn't seem feasible. The Browns are far and away the worst team in the NFL, and they're going 0-16 this year.

Bills 35, Browns 16