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Browns WR Corey Coleman Allegedly Involved In New Year's Eve Attack

Corey Coleman has not been charged following his alleged involvement in Adam Sapp's beating.

Corey Coleman's older brother, Jonathan, was indicted Tuesday on felony assault charges stemming from an attack outside of Coleman's Cleveland apartment on December 31.

Jonathan Coleman, 25, a former football player at Kansas State, and 24-year-old Jared Floyd were indicted by a grand jury in the beating of 26-year-old Adam Sapp. The pair allegedly jumped Sapp from behind as they exited an elevator and carried his unconscious body to a parking garage stairwell.

Sapp spent a night in the hospital with a concussion, ruptured ear drum and multiple bruises as a result of the incident.

Corey was not charged in the case, but was allegedly involved in the beating.

Per Sports Illustrated:

“That was him! That was Corey Coleman! I can’t believe he did that to you! I know that’s him!” a female friend of Sapp’s yelled when he regained consciousness, according to a police report.

The case remains under investigation.