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CeeDee Lamb, Girlfriend Go Viral On ESPN During NFL Draft

CeeDee Lamb and his girlfriend on ESPN

CeeDee Lamb and his presumed girlfriend shared a funny moment live on ESPN during the NFL Draft on Thursday night.

The Oklahoma Sooners star had a surprising drop in the first round on Thursday evening. Lamb was available midway through the first round.

The Dallas Cowboys did not hesitate to select the All-American wide receiver. Jerry Jones and Mike McCarthy were visibly thrilled with the pick at No. 17 overall.

ESPN showed video of Lamb receiving a phone call from the Cowboys live on the air. While Lamb took that phone call, his presumed girlfriend tried to take his other phone. Lamb was not having that, though.

Twitter is having a field day with this one, unsurprisingly.

The virtual draft has provided for some entertaining moments from the players' houses, that is for sure.

The NFL Draft continues on ESPN.