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Charissa Thompson Shares Embarrassing Story: NFL World Reacts

46th Annual Gracie Awards

OCTOBER 05: In this screengrab, Charissa Thompson presents the award for Best On-Air Talent - Sports at the 46th Annual Gracie Awards on October 05, 2021. (Photo by Alliance for Women in Media Foundation/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media Foundation)

Both Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson shared some embarrassing stories of their high school days on a recent episode of their podcast. 

Andrews and Thompson shared the tough high school stories on the latest episode of "Calm Down with Erin and Charissa." 

Thompson's is particularly harsh.

“So, I TP’d a house in high school of a girl who was a sophomore and we were seniors,” Thompson said, adding that “she was dating our friend Ryan, and we did not like her.

“So we all, we had like a group called ‘the black book club’ and we all TP’d her house. And it was very mean when I look back on it, because now being a homeowner, I do not want anyone to violate the home. So I apologize to Stephanie Daper’s parents, if you are out there listening."

Fans reacted to the embarrassing story.

"I notice you apologized to Stephanie’s PARENTS, and not Stephanie!!" one fan pointed out.

"To us it was an honor to get your house TP’ed!" another fan admitted.

"Mom is gangsta, with the water hose," another fan joked.

Thompson, meanwhile, is set to land a new NFL gig this year.

Hopefully no one at Amazon gets TP'd...