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Chase Young Reveals His Plans For The NFL Draft

Chase Young rushes the passer for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

EVANSTON, ILLINOIS - OCTOBER 18: Chase Young #2 of the Ohio State Buckeyes looks to rush the quarterback against the Northwestern Wildcats at Ryan Field on October 18, 2019 in Evanston, Illinois. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

We're three days away from the 2020 NFL Draft, where Chase Young will in all likelihood be the first defender off the board.

But with the coronavirus pandemic changing everything, Young won't even be able to bring everyone he wants over to his home for a draft party, let alone go to the stage to hug Roger Goodell. So, Young has come up with some plans to make the experience as memorable as possible.

Speaking to CBS Sports, Young revealed that he plans to have exactly 10 people inside his home for the draft. Inside he'll have his immediate family and a few of his closest friends.

But for people who want to come over and celebrate with him, he plans to have a project displaying what happens on the side of his house. Young said that once he hears his name called, he'll come outside and greet everyone else.

Young won't have to wait long to hear his name, though. He's the consensus top defender in the draft, and by most evaluations the best overall prospect too.

The only reason he won't be the No. 1 overall pick on Thursday is the Cincinnati Bengals' pressing need for a quarterback.

It would be shocking if he slipped past the Washington Redskins at No. 2, and nearly unprecedented to fall past the Detroit Lions at No. 3.

Who do you think will draft Chase Young?