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Cleveland Browns Twitter Account Pokes Fun At Dumb NFL Policy

The Cleveland Browns Twitter account trolled Roger Goodell and the NFL in the best way possible today.

In light of a ratings drop this year, the NFL has tightened up its restrictions on content distribution, and one of the way it's done that is by no longer allowing videos and GIFs of game highlights to be posted on Twitter (unless it's posted by an NFL-owned account, of course!).

The Cleveland Browns seem to have found a way to circumvent those pesky rules: by recreating plays via electronic football.

They're not the only ones doing it, either.

That's good stuff right there. Any time a team or player or fan is able to stick it to Roger Goodell, I'm all for it.

According to CBS Boston,"the first offense will draw a $25,000 fine, while a second offense will cost a team $50,000. Any further offenses will cost $100,000 a pop."

For reference, Antonio Brown was fined $24,309 for dancing in the end zone during a week four match-up against the Chiefs. How they arrived at that obscure figure is unclear, but the point remains: the NFL will continue to suck the fun out of everything at all costs.