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Colin Cowherd Says 8 Teams Are In NFL's 'Clown Club'

FOX Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd.


Just like any sports league, the NFL has teams that are elite, teams that are average and teams that struggle. For the last group, Colin Cowherd has a special nickname: "The Clown Club."

The FOX Sports analyst doesn't give the designation to just any organization in the NFL, but to a collection of teams that hit a certain number of horrendous benchmarks. Cowherd didn't hold back as he named his current eight members that he thinks fit the bill.

He listed the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Detroit Lions, the Washington Football Team, the New York Jets, the Cleveland Browns, and the Philadelphia Eagles as representatives of the NFL Clown Club.

Cowherd explained his criteria for entry into the group soon after he revealed its eight members. Here's what he said:

There are five signs that you are moving into the NFL Clown Club. 1. You start to have a lot of power struggles in the front office, and a lot of ego. 2. Generally, over the last 7 or 8 years you’ve fired a coach – Andy Reid – who you look back on and go ‘he’s a lot better than the current coach we have.’ 3. The quarterback situation feels unsettling and handled poorly too often. 4. There’s an unhealthy level of arrogance despite brief success. 5. Increasingly, you’re not a great drafting team. So even though you’re a bad team with good picks, you miss on a lot of picks.

The primary reason that Cowherd brought up this discussion once again was to add the Eagles to the list. After winning a Super Bowl during the 2017 season, Philadelphia has crashed and burned. The descent into the NFL Clown Club was completed on Thursday when the Eagles traded away former No. 2 overall pick Carson Wentz.

Cowherd made sure to remind fans that teams don't have to remain in the group forever. With some organizations on the rise, like the Browns, it's possible that the NFL Clown Club could shift again as soon as next year.

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